Skincare For Active Women

Skincare for active women? Isn’t this just the same as ‘regular’ skincare, you may be wondering.

Well no actually.

If you are very active, train outdoors, or frequently get sweaty when exercising, you need to take your skincare as seriously as your workout.

So as a very active woman I was delighted to be invited to try out FRÉ Skincare recently. FRÉ sent me four products in the range to try.

A definite upgrade from my basic skincare routine of face wash and moisturiser!

My skin tends to be quite sensitive, which is how I’ve got a bit stuck in a rut with my skincare regime.

But I was ready to be pushed out of my comfort zone, but first I wanted to find out more about FRÉ the company and their ethos.

At a meeting with the FRÉ team I was able to hear first-hand about the things that make FRÉ  unique.

Exercise, sweating, and the environment can combine to cause skin damage and premature ageing. The experts at FRÉ have identified a natural ingredient that combats the effects of exercise and sweat. The Argan tree grows in the deserts of Southern Morocco. Argan oil comes from the Argan nut that grows on the tree. The oil has a high proportion of antioxidants and fatty acids, and it’s frequently used in treatments for dry hair and scaly skin. The FRÉ researchers have advanced several steps beyond the traditional uses of Argan oil by creating a unique formula known as Argania Active Complex© out of the kernel and the leaf of the Argan tree.

All good so far.

But I was equally excited to hear about the social mission FRÉ are committed to. For every skincare set sold FRÉ plants an Argan tree in Morocco. This initiative has several benefits, firstly it creates sustainable development, it protects the environment, and it empowers the women who harvest Argan oil. To date FRÉ has planted 1,000 times more trees than it has used, and planted over of 63,000 Argan trees in Morocco so far.

I’ve now been using my FRÉ Skincare products (Detox Me Post-Sweat Clearing Mask, I Am Love Deep Illuminating Oil, Brighten Me Rejuvenating Eye Cream, and Recover Me Nourishing Night Cream) for six weeks and I am absolutely sold on the range. My skin has never felt or looked better. The Detox me mask is a twice weekly treat which really gets to work and deep cleanses my skin. The I Am Love Deep Illuminating Oil has a divine fragrance. The Brighten Me eye cream has made a significant difference to the dark area under my eyes and the Recover Me night cream means I wake up each morning with my skin glowing!

I shared my detailed reviews of these products on my Instagram stories recently. You can find out more here, and take advantage of my discount code.

If you’re an active woman ready to explore new ways to look after your skin, as well as supporting a strong social mission, then I’d definitely recommend taking a look at FRÉ Skincare.