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Please read though Her Garden Gym privacy policy carefully as it describes the collection and use of data on this website.

1. Her Garden Gym

Her Garden Gym™ and Her Silver Strength™ are trademarks for my personal training, nutrition and wellness services. Her Garden Gym is located in Felpham, Bognor Regis, West Sussex.

2. Collecting information

In order to process a new website enquiry you will either fill in a contact form on my website or email me direct.

Currently all enquiries/emails are not saved on a database I control, however I am looking to improve my services to clients by introducing MailChimp (a third party mailing client). To be added to Her Garden Gym’s mailing list (MailChimp) you would first need to opt-in, I would never add your name and email without your permission.

3. How I use your information

Users contacting Her Garden Gym via my website do so at their own discretion. Any personal information I obtain (be it via telephone, emails or consultations) is kept private and stored securely at my office until it is no longer required. You have the right to request I no longer contact you, in this instance your details would be removed. If/when you become a client of Her Garden Gym your details will be added to my accounts database for the purpose of invoicing.

4. Sharing your information

I do not share your data with other companies or organisations, this is simply not cool. Sometimes I may wish to refer a client to a qualified health professional, such as a doctor, where a medical condition, injury or symptom is beyond my scope of practice. In these circumstances I will only do so with a client’s permission.

5. Marketing

I may use your personal information to contact you regarding Her Garden Gym’s products or services that may be of interest to you. My EMS (email marketing service) provider is MailChimp however you will need to opt-in in order to receive these emails. You can unsubscribe from an email marketing campaign at any time, a link to do so will form part of a Her Garden Gym email.

6. Your information

I retain your personal information for the duration of your training sessions and work with me at Her Garden Gym. The nature of my services, and personal training, means that I am required to keep some records for up to five years. If you request a copy of your information you may be required to pay a small admin fee. Rest assured I do not pass on personal information to any third party, your personal information will only be used for communications between us. Her Garden Gym understands the importance of privacy, your data belongs to you which means you have the right to be forgotten. I retain data until it is no longer relevant, but you can request I remove it at any time.

7. Other sites and social media

Her Garden Gym is not liable for any third-party content you access via social media shares or via ads you may come across whilst browsing my website.

8. Final Note

Thank you for reading. If you have any further questions about how I treat your information and data then please email me at

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