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What is personal training?

Personal training is one-to-one instruction and coaching. Exercise prescription is bespoke and takes into account your aims and objectives, medical history and health status, and current fitness level and ability.

How much does personal training cost?

I don’t work on an hourly rate instead I provide bespoke personal training packages at Her Garden Gym. Each of these packages includes a specified number of one-to-one in person training sessions, or online coaching, as well as a variety of other things to support your training goals; such home workout training guides, exercise bands, a heart rate monitor, and educational manuals. The precise contents of your package will be specified at the point of purchase. To give a very rough approximation a typical package, which contains 10 ‘in person’ sessions costs on average £450.

What happens in a typical training session at Her Garden Gym?

I will always start each session by asking you how you are feeling and if there is anything I need to be aware of that may impact your ability to train or influence intensity. We then start each session with some dynamic mobility and flexibility work in preparation for the main exercises. The work phase may include a mixture of strength based exercises, bodyweight exercises and pulse raising activities. You may use a variety of different training tools and be asked to wear a heart rate monitor to gauge exercise intensity throughout. When the main exercise have been completed you will enter the cool down period. During this time we will aim to reduce intensity, and focus on some corrective exercises for any postural issues, as well as working on core strength. I will then assist you in a number of different stretches and relaxation before closing the session with some guided meditation or re-energiser as appropriate. Throughout the session there will be the opportunity to ask questions and extend your exercise, health and fitness knowledge. My aim is to empower you with knowledge on how to achieve optimal health and wellness beyond your training sessions.

Is exercise safe for me?

I conduct a full health screening along with various fitness tests with all new clients. This allows me to establish your current health status in order to prescribe safe and effective exercise. If you have any injuries or medical conditions we will discuss how these may impact exercise prescription and appropriate modifications will be made as necessary, which means you’ll only ever train at an intensity suitable for you.

Am I too overweight to exercise?

Unless your doctor has advised against exercise it is most unlikely your current weight will prevent you from starting an exercise programme. Exercise is very beneficial for health and can assist with weight management.

Am I too old to exercise?

You are never too old to start exercising. There are numerous benefits to exercise as we age including improvements in strength and balance, promoting bone health, assisting functional ability for daily living, and helping manage symptoms of diseases and illnesses common in older adults.

Am I too unfit to exercise?

No matter how poor your current level of fitness is it can be improved through regular exercise. People often worry about things like getting sweaty or breathless or exercise hurting. If you are new to exercise, or haven’t exercised for a long time, you will only train at a low or moderate intensity to begin with. My aim is for you to leave each session energised not exhausted!

What should I wear?

Essential items include a pair of training shoes and a good supportive sports bra. Wear clothing you feel comfortable in and allows you to move freely.

Do you offer a taster session before purchasing a training package?

Following an initial free consultation with me you have the option of purchasing a one off personal training taster session before committing to a training package. This will allow you to experience of flavour of what a personal training session may involve but will not include any programme design or specific recommendations for future training. The cost of a taster session is £50.

How long do sessions last?

Each session lasts for 55 minutes, allowing a 5 minute crossover between clients.

How often do I need to attend personal training sessions?

Most clients attend personal training sessions on a weekly basis, and consistency is important to achieve the best results. Sessions can be spaced further apart if desired but packages have a time expiry and must be taken within a set period.

How many times a week do I need to exercise?

In order to make improvements to health and fitness you’ll need to commit to regular exercise and activity. Your personal training session at Her Garden Gym will count as one of your exercise sessions for the week, in addition I will recommend other formal training alongside informal activities that would be suitable for you depending on your health and fitness goals.

Will I need to join a gym, or buy equipment, to exercise between sessions at Her Garden Gym?

If you are a member of a gym I can recommend the best training approach to support your personal training sessions at Her Garden Gym. I design home training sessions, with minimal equipment or bodyweight exercises, so you don’t have to join a gym or attend fitness classes unless you want to.

Do you give nutritional advice?

I am qualified to guide you on suitable nutritional strategies for your particular goals, and some of this general advice may be contained within your training package. As a MNU Certified Nutritionist, those wanting a more in depth focus on nutrition will be able to elect for nutritional counselling, which is a separate service.

Do you recommend certain diets?

I do not promote or endorse any particular diets. Instead as an MNU Certified Nutritionist I provide nutrition counselling tailored to you. This will take into account any food likes and dislikes as well as any medical, cultural or ethical concerns that impact food choice. I will help you understand the principles of energy balance and optimal nutrition for health, as well as how to achieve this through your diet.

Will you give me a meal plan?

Registered dieticians often work in a clinical setting and provide meal plans for their patients. MNU Nutritionists do not give out meal plans but instead work with clients to help them address weight management issues, and improve health, performance and function through optimal nutrition. Consequently I do not give out meal plans but instead can provide weekly and daily calorie guidelines, macronutrient breakdowns, and example meals and days for clients accessing my nutritional counselling service.

Can I train with my friend/mother/sister/daughter?

Training with a partner is really beneficial, helps aid motivation and adherence, and can be fun for both of you. Her Stronger Together training programme at Her Garden Gym is ideal for women looking to train with a female friend or relative. Partner sessions work best when you each have a similar level of fitness and share the same training aims and objectives. However, sometimes a friend or relative may want to support another woman on her fitness journey. I am always happy to try and accommodate differing fitness levels between training partners under these circumstances.

Why should I chose Her Garden Gym?

If you are looking for a very individual approach, with one to one support, in a peaceful and private setting, then training at Her Garden Gym is ideal for you. If you want to know how to train to maximise your results, need some accountability, or simply want someone to keep you on track and motivated then personal training at Her Garden Gym is ideal for you.

Do I have to train outside at Her Garden Gym?

I have indoor and outdoor training space at Her Garden Gym. We take advantage of the outdoor training space and summerhouse during the warmer months. However, you don’t have to train outside at all if you prefer sessions to take place inside.

What results can I expect?

Through the initial consultation process we agree on some short, medium and long term goals. We then consider the processes required to reach these goals. Achieving your desired results may necessitate modifications to your current lifestyle, activity levels and diet. Together we will agree on a suitable timescale and what support you will need from me. Some results may take longer to achieve than others. For example, gains in strength and flexibility can be made in a matter of weeks whereas reducing high levels of body fat may take several months or longer to achieve.

What happens if I cancel an appointment?

I operate a 24 hour cancellation policy. This means that full payment will be incurred, or the session from a block booking lost, for any sessions cancelled within 24 hours of the appointment time. Sessions can be rescheduled where more than 24 hours notice is given.

What’s the difference between the various packages you offer?

Each package is designed with a particular training goal or client profile in mind. For example Her Silver Strength is aimed at the peri to post menopause woman. All new clients are recommended to start with Her Garden Gym’s Fitness Foundation Course.

What if I can’t decide what package is suitable for me?

Once you have completed Her Garden Gym’s Fitness Foundation Course together we will decide which package best suits your needs.

What is your refund policy?

I always aim to ensure clients are 100% happy with the service I offer. If for any reason you decide not to continue with training, once a training package has commenced, I will refund any outstanding sessions on a pro-rata basis.

Where are you based?

Her Garden Gym is in Felpham, Bognor Regis

Do you have parking facilities?

I encourage clients to walk or cycle to Her Garden Gym, where possible, as this counts towards your daily activity level. Her Garden Gym is in a private road so please park on one of the nearby public roads to avoid blocking a driveway. If you arriving on bike this can be safely stored in the outside area.

Do you work with men?

Her Garden Gym is a personal training studio for women. Female clients may wish to refer a male relative, friend or partner for training which I consider on a case by case basis but I specialise in addressing health and fitness issues specific to women.

Can I purchase a Her Garden Gym personal training package for my wife/partner/friend?

A Personal training package makes the perfect gift for a friend or loved one. If you would like to purchase a personal training package for someone else I will be happy to explain the options to you.

How can I work with you for free?

I share lots of relevant fitness, health and nutrition information through my social media accounts, please feel free to ask questions and comment on these social media posts where I am always happy to interact with you.

In addition I have a free Facebook group Her Garden Gym Community, please ask to join it here.

From time to time I run free talks on a range of fitness, health and nutrition topics. To register interest in these talks please contact me here.

Finally, look out for my fitness fundraising days, information on these is normally shared via the Her Garden Gym Community Facebook group. On these fitness fundraising days I offer free personal training sessions in exchange for a donation to a local charity.

I’m still not sure of something

Please feel free to contact me with any further questions you may have.

Are you registered with a professional body?

Yes I am a member of the Chartered Institute for the Management of Sport and Physical Activity. CIMSPA is the professional development body for the UK’s sport and physical activity sector. Only individuals with an endorsed technical qualification in fitness can apply for membership. In addition, in order to maintain registration members must complete regular continuous professional development and commit to ongoing training. This is your assurance that my knowledge and skills are endorsed at the highest level.

How do I get started?

To book an initial free consultation to find out more please contact me today!

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