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About Jacqueline

Like many women I spend my life juggling, but busy lives can often leave us exhausted and overwhelmed. This was the situation I found myself in at the end of 2016 and the catalyst for creating Her Garden Gym™

I’m Jacqueline Hooton, owner of Her Garden Gym and mum to five children, a grandmother, fitness tutor, personal trainer and writer.

In 2015 I created and hosted the first of several conferences and training seminars for professional women working in the fitness industry, known as WIFE (Women in Fitness Empowerment) Events. As well as running WIFE I was delivering fitness courses and designing training content in my role as a fitness tutor, working with personal training clients, regularly writing for several publications, and coping with the demands of a big family. Basically I was juggling too many balls!

I craved peace and a better work life balance, and when I talked to my female professional colleagues, friends and clients I discovered I wasn’t alone. So many women are completely overwhelmed and trying to find the right balance between work, family and other commitments. Is it any wonder that training and looking after your own health and fitness is often the last thing on your mind? I knew my lifestyle wasn’t sustainable or beneficial for my long term health. As I talked to more of my female friends and clients, approaching midlife, I found a similar pattern.

Women want to feel and look good at any age but need environments, people and experiences that go beyond promoting our physical health, but also support our psychological wellbeing. Regular gyms and fitness classes often don’t cater for both

Jacqueline's Granddaughter

So when one of my grown up children left home, and another started university, I seized an opportunity to develop my personal training studio to create a peaceful haven for busy women.

To make the plan come to life the existing small studio expanded from one room to two, French Doors were installed, a large summerhouse was constructed, and new training equipment in the garden was added.

I had finally created my vision of a training space to nurture women’s health – Her Garden Gym.

When you come along to Her Garden Gym you will often find fresh flowers in the studio, you can chose to listen to music during your session, or enjoy the sound of birdsong from the garden instead. You can wear anything you like that feels comfortable, free from fear of judgment, and for one hour of your day everything will be all about YOU. My fitness philosophy is about empowering you, through knowledge, education and support, to make beneficial choices and optimise health and fitness. Through discovering exercise and movement that is enjoyable and sustainable, evidence based nutrition strategies, and addressing a range of female health issues, such as bone health and cognitive function, my aim is to add live to your years and years to your life.

This is why I believe…

Her Garden Gym is more than a fitness studio, it’s a way of life.

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