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I offer a range of different training packages depending on your health and fitness goals

Her Garden Gym’s
Fitness Foundation Course

All new clients start with here. This is essential regardless of your previous exercise experience and ensures everything we do is safe and effective. During this initial conditioning phase we lay the foundations for more advanced work, and extend your fitness and health knowledge.

This includes

  • Her Garden Gym’s Guide to Fit and Fabulous Manual
  • Initial fitness tests and assessments
  • Health Pre-screening
  • Goal setting and Readiness to Change
  • Initial programme design
  • Home programme design
  • Weekly review
  • 10 one-to-one 55 minute training sessions
  • Membership of Her Garden Gym Community Facebook Group

On completion of this 10 week introductory package together we can decide what next steps will be most suitable for you.

Her Garden Gym Training Packages

Her Silver Strength™

For midlife women approaching menopause, during menopause and beyond. Menopause signals a time of change and hormonal shifts, as a woman's reproductive years comes to an end. Training and nutrition strategies, that may have worked in your twenties and thirties, now need to be tailored to address specific health challenges at midlife. Cardiovascular disease risk increases for during the menopause and bone health can be compromised, leading to fractures and osteoporosis. Structured exercise can help address these new health concerns, and can be very beneficial in the management of many unpleasant symptoms often associated with menopause. Her Silver Strength™ is my own trademarked training system for midlife women, drawing on my knowledge and expertise as both a 3rd Age Woman and MenoStrength™ Instructor. The Her Silver Strength™ training programme includes

Burrell Education Graduate

Her Radiant Health

For women challenged by a medical condition, requiring expert advice on training and nutrition strategies to support optimal health. There are numerous metabolic disorders, conditions and illnesses that can either be improved or managed through exercise and eating habits. Many women are worried about making a medical problem worse, risking pain, or triggering a flare-up, through the 'wrong' exercise. Her Radiant Health assists women in the management of, or recovery from, a range of health issues. Gaining confidence on safe and effective exercise, specific to the condition is key to this process. Her Radiant Health training programme includes

  • Her Radiant Health Guide
  • A detailed review of current health status and full medical history
  • Analysis of relevant research (condition specific)
  • Evidence based exercise prescription based on research outcomes
  • Weekly Review
  • 10 one-to-one 55 minute training sessions
  • Membership of Her Garden Gym Community Facebook Group

Her Vintage Years

For women approaching retirement age and beyond. Unique challenges face women in their latter years. The average woman in the UK experiences deteriorating health in the last nineteen years of her life. Recent figures from Public Health England shows a huge gap between healthy life expectancy for women of 64.1 years and life expectancy 83.1 years. It doesn't have to be like this though. Numerous risks to health, often associated with ageing, can actually be reduced or managed through exercise and nutrition. Dementia and Alzheimer's disease is now the leading cause of death for women in the UK   Although not guaranteed to prevent dementia, physical activity has been identified, along with eight other modifiable lifestyle factors which may reduce risk. Her Vintage Years is my unique training and nutrition plan to help women enjoy a healthier, happier retirement. It includes focused work on balance as well as strength and nutrition strategies to reduce the risks of frailty, falls and age related muscle loss. Her Vintage Years training programme includes

Her Stronger Together Programme

For women who want to train together. Join forces with a female friend or relative and enjoy fun but effective sessions where you keep each other accountable. Her Stronger Together programme incorporates exercises that can be performed individually along with partner challenges. Research shows that many people find it easier to stick to regular exercise when they train with a friend, social support is a crucial element when it comes to maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Her Stronger Together is also a cost effective means of enjoying sessions at Her Garden Gym, with all the advantages of individualized training not available in large class formats. Her Stronger Together training programme includes

Her Pilates

One-to-one and small group Pilates training for women. Regular Pilates can improve posture, and balance. It increases core activation and control and so can be beneficial in alleviating back pain. Pilates promotes muscular strength, balance and flexibility, and incorporates breath work. Her Pilates is ideal for women who prefer a more individualized approach sometimes lacking in large class formats.

Her Pre & Post-Natal

Pre and post natal exercise training and advice for women.

Her Choice

For women who want to combine elements of other programmes available at Her Garden Gym, or have a specific event to train for, such as a Marathon or fitness competition. Her Choice is a very flexible programme and takes a collaborative approach. Drawing on my experience as a fitness competitor, figure athlete and marathon runner, and combining this with my knowledge as a fitness professional, I ensure women are well prepared for whatever fitness challenge they set themselves.

Online Training

During the pandemic of 2020 gym closures and lockdowns left many women looking for new ways to engage in fitness. My online training packages are a perfect solution to these challenging times. So now it doesn't matter where you are in the UK (or even the rest of the world!) wherever you are you can access my expert guidance and support remotely.    

I provide a nutrition counselling service too
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