What A Nutritionist Can Do For You

As a MNU Certified Nutritionist my role is to educate and empower you, so that you know how to eat for optimal health.

Imagine jumping off the yo-yo diet cycle of weight loss followed by weight gain

Imagine wanting to start a family and feeling fully confident your nutrition supports conception, pregnancy and your unborn child

Imagine running a marathon and utilising fuelling and hydration strategies to help you cross the finish line strong

Imagine bringing yourself back from the brink of a diabetes diagnosis and avoiding the associated serious health implications of this

Imagine improving your immune function, bone loss and fracture risk, muscle weakness, aching joints and fatigue

Imagine all of this and more but best of all

Imagine knowing precisely how to eat, for optimum health, for the rest of your life.

These aren’t fairy-tale scenarios that can only exist in your imagination though, there’s no need to wait for a fairy godmother, a genie or a magic lamp. You simply require the right support from someone who specialises in nutrition. That’s where I come in!

As a MNU Certified Nutritionist my role is to educate and empower you, so that you know how to eat for optimal health.

MacNutrition Uni is at the forefront of leading the way in nutrition education. The underpinning values are wisdom, confidence and integrity. As a MNU Certified Nutritionist, who has studied with worldwide renowned MacNutrition Uni, I am immersed in evidence based practice. Perhaps this is best understood by comparing non evidence based versus evidence based nutrition.

How to Spot Non Evidence Based Nutrition  

Labels foods as either ‘good’ or ‘bad’

Leaps on the latest nutrition news headlines and doesn’t check the source for credibility or the original research

Is steeped in dogma, like ‘breakfast is the most important meal of the day’ or ‘eating fat makes you fat’

Makes recommendations based on personal experience

Relies on buzz words and phrases such as clean eating, detox diet, all natural

Claims sugar is as addictive as heroin

Insists the best way to lose weight is a low carb diet

Extols the virtues of various detoxes

Fails to understand the basic principle of energy balance

How to Spot Evidence Based Nutrition

Evaluates nutrient quality of food and avoids labels such as ‘good’ or ‘bad’

Understands the hierarchy of research and can apply critical thinking when analysing new research

Questions everything and keeps an open mind

Makes recommendations based on evidence and clinical reasoning

Doesn’t rely on fashionable words rendered meaningless through overuse and abuse

Knows the difference between a Class A drug and a macronutrient

Understands there are many ways to achieve fat loss and still eat carbs

Can explain the basics of the digestive and endocrine systems and specifically how the liver processes hormones, drugs and toxins

Recognises the importance of energy balance and how to manipulate energy intake and energy expenditure to achieve a range of different outcomes

A lot of confusion surrounds nutrition, we are constantly being told don’t eat this, do eat that, this is toxic, this is detoxifying, this is the best diet for weight loss, oh no we got it all wrong, this is now the best diet. We are bombarded by nutrition ‘news’ on a daily basis and social media is awash with advice from ‘experts’ telling us how to eat.

Who to trust is tricky, I get that.

So here’s what to expect from a nutrition consultation and my counselling service, and how this differs from a ‘cookie cutter’ approach (although you can still eat cookies, if cookies are your thing!)

The first thing I will do is to send you a pre-consultation form to complete. It’s fairly detailed, and will take you a little while to fill it in. This will provide some valuable information about you, your lifestyle, any health issues and dietary habits before we meet.

We will then fix up a date for your initial nutrition consultation. This appointment will last in the region of 90 minutes, giving me plenty of time to build up a really good picture of you, an analysis of your existing dietary habits, and what you want help with. During this consultation I will be able to share some valuable take home information, so from the minute you leave this first appointment you’ll go away armed with lots of simple actionable advice.

Following your consultation I will send you a comprehensive written report. Depending on what strategies we feel will best suit your needs you may have detailed and desirable macronutrient targets, non-calorie counting approaches for fat loss or muscle gain, example days so that you feel more confident on how to eat for optimal health, specific recommendations to address potential micronutrient deficiencies, or pre and post exercise snack suggestions. The advice I share will be tailored specifically to you.

Things A MNU Certified Nutritionist Can Help You With

Some of the things I have helped clients with include

It’s not about the latest food fad, or a quick fix diet, instead I focus on creating sustainable lifelong habits.

One detailed consultation and follow up report is sufficient for some people, others may want or need ongoing support in which case follow up appointments may be beneficial.

I’m not a fairy godmother or a genie, and I may not be able to grant you three wishes, but I can do something better. I can help you eat well for the rest of your life, my advice may even extend your life, stop you developing a life limiting condition, or miraculously enable you to create new life. This is what a good nutritionist can do for you.