12 Resistance Band Exercises for Women

Improve your upper body strength and conditioning without weights.

Resistance Bands Are Great For Effective Strength Workouts At Home

As I write this we are still two weeks away from gyms being allowed to officially reopen on Saturday 25th July, following lockdown restrictions easing in the UK. During the past four months many of us have had to adapt to training at home. Resistance bands can provide a brilliant solution to strength training at home. Unfortunately many bands sold out at the start of lockdown though.

So now suppliers are beginning to receive new stock you’ll find a complete upper body strength workout using resistance bands below.

Some key things to be aware of before you start.

These 12 resistance band exercises can be completed as a circuit, remembering to change sides where appropriate. Perform 8 – 12 reps of each and complete the circuit twice through.

Whether you’re apprehensive about returning to a gym, or would prefer to train at home, resistance bands provide an affordable and effective solution to strength training.