Personal Training In Bognor Regis

Jacqueline is particularly passionate about the benefits of strength training for women and teaches all her female personal training clients how to use a variety of weights, body-weight exercises and drills

Women seeking Personal Training in Bognor Regis, outside of a gym setting, are able to enjoy the privacy of Jacqueline’s home based studio Her Garden Gym. This setting is ideal for ladies who can sometimes feel intimidated in an impersonal gym, want a more personal service, and welcome the support of a knowledgeable female personal trainer.

Jacqueline is a poster girl for the fit and fabulous over 50’s. With a lifelong passion for health and fitness Jacqueline knows exactly how women need to train to not only look good but feel GREAT. Working with female clients in her one-to-one home based studio in Bognor Regis she can help women ditch the diet forever, and learn how to maximise available time to train for gains in strength and stamina as well as improvements in physique and all round health.

Drawing female clients from all over West Sussex including Bognor Regis, Chichester, Worthing and Guildford Jacqueline helps women improve every aspect of health and fitness. Personal training for women requires specific knowledge relevant to female physiques, body types, hormonal considerations and other social factors. Jacqueline’s experience of training women of all ages, fitness levels and abilities means she creates customised programmes to ensure female fitness clients achieve their goals.

Personal Trainer for Women In Bognor Regis

Female fitness training can be tailor made to meet specific client goals so whether women are looking to run a marathon, compete in fitness events, increase stamina, lose weight, or make general improvements to health, Jacqueline can help.

As a busy mum of five Jacqueline also understands the unique pressures women face running a home, juggling work and childcare and trying to find time to exercise and look after themselves. She ensures personal training clients have simple but effective training programmes that produce maximum results in the minimum of time.

Many women get hooked on endless hours of cardiovascular training, such as jogging, believing this will help them tone up and lose weight. Jacqueline educates her female clients on how improvements in physique, shape, and increasing the body’s ability to burn fat can be made through structured strength training sessions. Training with weights is also beneficial for women improving bone density, reducing the risk of developing osteoporosis, gaining strength to cope with everyday chores, lifting and carrying young children and injury proofing the body.

Jacqueline has competed in running races of all distances including two London Marathons, female fitness competitions, catwalk shows and beauty pageants, fitness model shows, natural bodybuilding competitions as well as charity events such as Race For Life. She believes that working to definite training goals is a good motivator for female clients. Drawing on these personal experiences, as well as her knowledge as a female personal trainer, she can help women who want to take on a variety of different challenges whether it’s dropping a dress size or running a marathon.